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Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills Workshop - Delray Beach, Florida with Annette Nolan


With Annette Nolan

Combining our powerful Journey Intensive with the one day Advanced Skills

The Journey Intensive is a two-day workshop that many participants describe as the most transformational experience of their lives. You will be fully immersed in this truly experiential workshop with innovative teaching stories, meditations, engaging practical group interaction and one to one process work, which together create a unique seminar which enables you to tap into your body’s infinite wisdom - facilitating profound transformative results in yourself – instantly and effortlessly - in incredible ways.

In just two days of powerful training—you’ll experience first hand the benefits of clearing out stored issues, letting go of old stories and emotional baggage and working in privacy with a partner of your own choosing.

The Advanced Skills Workshop  

This day is for anyone who wants to take Journey work to the next level. A dynamic, inspiring day, jam-packed with countless powerful tools, process work and skills, developed by Brandon Bays. The Advanced Skills Workshop builds the very foundation of the Practitioner Programme and will empower you to break through any challenges and work on any issue that might arise, no matter how deep or complicated it may be.

Experience firsthand the powerful skills developed by Brandon over the many years of her private practice and thousands of Journey processes. Completely clear a variety of issues with a new toolbox packed with skills. You will leave feeling confident that no matter what life brings you, you know how to handle it with life transforming Journey-work.

 Early Bird price  ends February 16th, 2018  $65 OFF

For questions or more information contact info@thejourneyna.com

or call 1-855-625-6876

Venue:  The Duncan Centre

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you that want to experience The Journey workshop as a full retreat in sunny Florida at the beautiful Duncan Centre.

An Oasis of Hospitality:

The Duncan Centre is a spirit-filled, life-giving environment. Five wooded acres of peace and serenity, delicious and nutritious food, state of the art meeting spaces,clean and spacious accommodations and caring staff. Indoor and outdoor Labyrinth as well as an outdoor pool.

Full retreat rates: Please choose from the following meals and accommodations options. 

All prices below are based on the early bird rates:  Early Bird price ends February 16th, 2018  $65 OFF

1) The 3 Day Journey Experience Workshop with 3 nights accommodations plus 9 meals $950 (double occupancy)

2) The 3 Day Journey Experience Workshop with 3 nights accommodations plus 9 meals $1040 (single occupancy)

3) The 3 Day Journey Experience Workshop with 2 nights accommodation plus 6 meals $810 (double occupancy)

4) The 3 Day Journey Experience Workshop with 2 nights accommodation plus 6 meals  $870 (single occupancy)

5) The 3 Day Journey Experience Workshop without accommodations including 9 meals (commuter fee) $740

15820 S. Military Trail
Delray Beach , Florida
Map and Directions

Start Date: March 3, 2018
End Date: February 5, 2018

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 7:00 pm

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