4 Things You Need To Do To Experience Lasting Love

So often we hold back and are afraid to give absolutely everything of ourselves to someone.

Love requires absolutely everything you have to give, and it truly is the greatest gift of all.

4 Things You Need To Do To Experience Lasting Love

However, you can’t fully lean into love if you’re not emotionally ready. Here are four important things you need to do in order to fully open up to true love and achieve successful, happy relationships.

Don’t Dwell; Be Present

You can’t meet in love if you are constantly dragging the conversation into the past. Be present to the moment. If your partner is constantly repeating behaviors, be careful not to dip into the past. Bringing up old fights, arguments, or even memories can take you away from being open and present to whatever your partner is trying to say. Do not dwell. Instead, focus on the here and now.

Express Your True Emotions

Similarly, you need to share how you are feeling in that moment. Opening up and being honest about your true emotions can prevent dwelling and further squabbles. As we say in the Journey process, bottling up your emotions can lead to damage down the line. Simply open up into whatever you feel. Express it. Don’t hide.

Let go of the ideals

Nobody is perfect, yet so often we hold our partners and our relationships up on a pedestal. You may have an ideal in your mind of who they are, and the minute something happens that doesn’t match that image, you feel frustrated and negative. It can even take you out of the relationship.

Seek freedom from your own expectations, and let go of limitations that you may have build long before the relationship even started. Holding on to the pretend will just create hurt because we all have flaws.

Love yourself first

Before you can love someone, you need to love yourself first. In order to love fully and freely, you should be willing to become fully exposed to your negatives. Let go of the things you don’t love about yourself and don’t accept.

Unless you are willing to be fully exposed to both the good and the bad, in you as well as your partner, there is no true meeting of love. In exposure, a real meeting of love happens.

Watch below as Brandon guides you through some meditations and a small Journey process to discover your true self, and how you can fully experience true love and become a beacon to others.