Experiencing non-attachment

Attachment and non-attachment are such big words in the spiritual community.

It’s often thought that we should be non-attached and have lighter relationships with the people, events and things in our life.

Experiencing non-attachment

In the video below, Brandon tells a story about a Master, a tea cup, and the importance of non-attachment, not as a practice but as a direct experience.

Following that story, Brandon began to offer everything up to the infinite. And she had nothing but gratitude for the people, circumstances and things that showed up in her life.

When her house burnt down in a fire and she lost all of her belongings, she felt only blessed: for the time that those things were on loan to her, and for the depth of love and wellbeing that remained.

You might like to imagine offering everything up to the infinite at night, and wake up in the morning with gratitude that everything in your life has been gifted to you, loaned to you, as a way of experiencing non-attachment.

Remember: being unattached doesn’t mean giving up everything and everyone. It means having a light relationship with people and things.

People, belongings and lifestyles will come and go. But the love and gratitude within you is unwavering.