How to Drop The Amour Shielding Your Emotions

We all tend to shut down and protect ourselves from uncomfortable emotions. But there is a price to pay for our armouring.

How To See Beauty Instead of Suffering

Science has found that when we repress any strong emotion, a biochemistry is created in our bodies that affects certain cell receptors, blocking them. This means they are unable to communicate effectively with the rest of the cells in our body, and healthy biochemical processes can be compromised. Then, if over time we get ill, the problem often occurs in the body areas where the cells are blocked.

Yet when we feel our emotions openly and freely, allowing them to flow until they are complete and naturally fade, then our cell receptors stay open. Our bodies remain healthier, more vibrant and energised.

We need to learn to befriend our emotions instead of blocking them, as they are a gateway to our inner self, and are vital to our overall health.

One way to do this is to recognise specific feelings and pause to allow them to be fully felt.

When an emotion comes up, especially one that is unfamiliar, or one that you have protected yourself from in the past, bring all of your awareness to that part of the body and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and flood that area with acceptance, so that you can welcome that emotion to be felt. When you do this, it signifies to the emotion that what you’re feeling is allowed to be there.

If you feel any resistance to opening and feeling, just notice where in your body the contraction or protection is located. Then take some good, long, slow deep breaths in and out, guiding the breath in your mind’s eye to that part of your body. Let the tension melt or dissolve with each breath. And then move on afresh to accepting and welcoming whatever emotion wanted to be felt.

Let the emotion grow. Stay relaxed and open and allow it to flood through you whole body. Let it get as strong as it wants to get. Then eventually, when the emotion is ready, let it pass, fade and either disappear or turn into the next emotion that arises. Then allow and welcome this fresh emotion… and so on.

Eventually you will feel deeper and deeper emotions, and if you simply welcome them they will all pass through you and leave. You will ultimately feel more spacious, freer, released. The whole process can be deeply healing.

When we ignore an emotion we don’t want to feel, it gets niggly, more worrisome and can even for some of us result in a big wake up call in the form of an illness. We all need to face the truth of our emotional lives.

All the body wants is for you to listen, feel and be present.

You can watch Brandon in the video below explain in more detail how to befriend your body and emotions and open into a realisation of your soul. She also give some real life examples of how the techniques work and what the results are. We welcome you to join her in this profound exploration.