The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

By Dr. Mitali Upadhye, Homoeopathic Consultant
In June 2013 I was diagnosed with an Ovarian Cancer. Initially it was a huge shock: "How could I get cancer?!?“

Until then I was blissfully under the misconception that my medical degree gave me complete immunity against any such life threatening diseases! It was time for me to be on the other side of the consulting table.

It was an emergency and my surgeon gave me just one week to put things in place and get myself on the operation table. Even though I underwent surgery, I had a strong inner voice urging me to refuse chemotherapy as my further line of treatment.

Starting the self-healing journey

The next 6 to 8 months was a journey of self-healing based on holistic principles. My philosophy regarding healing was very simple.

If this cancer is my body’s doing, then my body is capable of undoing what it has done.
As a practicing homeopath for last 18 years, my training had taught me to treat a patient as a whole and not just his disease.

The disease presenting with its signs and symptoms is a „body’s cry for help“. To treat a disease meant to treat not just the physical condition but to also address the mental, emotional psychological and environmental conditions of the person.

The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

40 years of emotional baggage

I realised that this cancer in my ovaries was a baggage of all the emotional and mental ups and downs in my life for last 40 years. It was a collection of all the anger, resentment, bitterness and guilt I was holding inside me for years together.

Just treating the tumour with surgery or chemotherapy was not the solution, I would only be truly free from my disease if I could work on my negative emotions and the traumas stored in my cells.

Grace was with me, just when I was looking for ways of working on my mind and my emotions, a very close friend gave me a book, The Journey by Brandon Bays. The book was everything I was looking for to heal not just my body but also my mind and my soul.

I was able to release my guilt and forgive myself

Anita Anand a Journey Practitioner in Pune became my saviour. I undertook 3 Journey sessions with her which were of highly skilled work as if a surgeon working on one’s mind.
The Journey sessions not only allowed me to give vent to my suppressed emotions but it helped me do away with unhealthy, disempowering, sabotaging beliefs which had become the foundation of my life.

The Journey sessions gave me an opportunity to reprogram my subconscious with healthy empowering and supporting beliefs.

The inner wisdom revealed during the sessions, brought about constructive cognitive shift in the way I now see life and relations. I was able to forgive everyone I once felt were responsible for my misery.

Most importantly I was able to release my guilt, forgive myself and set myself free.

The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

Within 6 months, all my reports were normal

Having tasted the goodness of The Journey I was hungry for more, and once again Grace connected me to Dr. Rangana Choudhari, a profoundly versatile healer and master trainer of immense insight, knowledge and compassion.

A complete no nonsense woman.

I went on to take Journey Intensive sessions under her guidance, working systematically and meticulously on myself. I was convinced that this is what will help me come out of my problems and finally come home to my Truth.

The Journey work helped me to heal, within 6 months all my reports were normal - the Pet scan, the USG, the tumour marker, Ca 125... But more importantly I was a different person now. I was happy, free and at peace.

The ultimate healer – unconditional love

I undertook radical changes in my lifestyle, diet, exercise and my mind-set. Meditation, affirmations and visualisations became my best companions for healing.

My day began with Pranayama, Yogasanas and Suryanamaskars. Silent nature walks, and a lot of self introspection helped heal me further.

Homoeopathic medicines supported me to deal with the cancer and its mental and emotional effects.

The ultimate healing factor was the unconditional love and support of my friends and family in The Journey, and my positive attitude to allow my body to heal itself...and to trust in its immense power of healing.

Lastly I allowed LOVE and PEACE to be a part of me and stopped fighting with life. Instead accepted life the way it came.

The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

Cancer was the best thing that happened to me

It’s been 4 years now that am free from cancer, but cancer was the best thing that happened to me, it was MY WAKE UP CALL to life.

After my own miraculous healing based on holistic approach I was guided by Grace and my mentors to take up this healing work as a mission.

I found the purpose of my life in this immensely fulfilling work of healing and creating awareness in the world about the Mind-Body connection.

During my own Journey to healing, what I understood about the Mind-Body Connection is


Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Acceptance of the disease and a positive attitude towards the disease would help to heal cancer. Understanding ones role in creating the disease and thereby one’s ability to cure it gives immense strength and determination to work on oneself.

When it comes to holistic approach towards healing cancer, we do not look at it as an enemy that needs to be conquered or destroyed. Nor a battle to be won. We look at cancer or for that matter any disease as our body's cry for help.

The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

Our bodies are communicating with us

The signs and symptoms of the disease is the body's language of communicating with us......

Healing begins with complete ACCEPTANCE of one’s disease and oneself in the diseased state. With acceptance comes RESPONSIBILITY of being a partner in the healing process.
It is now a known fact that human body is nothing but an energy field.

Negative trapped emotions and cellular memories of the past and present have a negative energy charge. The bigger the load of this negative energy the graver the disease.

Emotions of anger, grief, resentment, jealousy, envy, anxiety, fear, hurt and bitterness, are the ones with negative charge. They put the body into a stressful and acidic environment.
The quicker a cancer patient is able to let go of these trapped negativity, the faster he is on the path of healing.

Making genuine efforts to release the negativity

Having understood this as a patient, one then makes genuine efforts to LET GO AND RELEASE this negativity from the body.

Healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, Past Life Regression, The Journey, Inner child, they help to change the cellular memory and create new healthy cells, free of the negative memory and energy load. This helps to curtail the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Positive Thinking, Visualisation and Affirmations help our bodies to use their own intelligence to heal, but also to strengthen the immune system to combat the cancer cells.

Thus the journey towards being cancer free is a determined, yet a gentle march on the path of positivity and learning to relax and enjoy life.


In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines we must make it explicitly clear that the customer testimonials we have received below are based on their unique experiences, and we cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits when using The Journey Method. The Journey Method has not been scientifically validated in regard to any specific medical condition or illness, and we therefore cannot make any promises or guarantees as to its effects.

What we do know, however, is that there is increasing scientific research that validates healing at a cellular level. Furthermore, over the past 20-plus years many thousands of people have used The Journey Method with, according to their own reports, extraordinary and lasting results.

If you would like to discover your own body’s natural healing potential and liberate your infinite potential we are confident you too will become one of our ardent advocates.