The real cause
of your disease

There are many reasons why more people seem to fall ill in our fast-paced, modern world – poor diets, sugar loaded, fried convenience and fast foods, lack of exercise, overwork, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, air pollution, etc. – but in recent years, following extensive research, the Centre for Disease Control in the United States published its estimate that approximately 85% of illnesses are emotionally based.

Emotional shutdown and health problems

This research strongly suggests that in the long run, suppressing or avoiding our instinctive emotional responses to life’s challenges adversely affects our health. To put things very simply, when an emotion is triggered in us, releasing a natural biochemistry into our bodies and we allow ourselves to fully feel the emotion, then it along with the associated chemicals washes through our body, usually quite quickly, leaving no residue.

But when we are emotionally triggered and we shut down, suppress or avoid the experience and our true feelings the result is very different. The released chemicals associated with the emotion remains into our bloodstream and subsequently the residue gets stored inside our bodies. Over time, if illness is going to happen, it will likely occur in these places where the chemical residues are stored.

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Numerous scientists and medical doctors have studied and subsequently verified research supporting this. US scientist Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., in particular, has compellingly shown that suppressing emotions can lead to specific cell receptors in our bodies becoming blocked.

These blocks then compromise the normal healthy communications between cells, impairing many bodily functions, weakening our normal immune responses and potentially creating illness. 

Your body is capable of healing itself

Conversely, when we allow our feelings and emotions to flow naturally the cell receptors open and remain unblocked, able to maintain good health. Our bodies know perfectly well how to heal, they do it all the time, and when we give our bodies some conscious cooperation the healing results can be truly extraordinary.

At the time of my own natural healing I was really grateful for the work of Dr Deepak Chopra who amassed hundreds, and subsequently thousands, of case studies of people who had naturally healed from illness and disease.

These people had only two things in common. Firstly, by some act of God or spontaneous event they had gotten access to and surrendered completely into that infinite wisdom inside, the innate genius that causes your hair to grow, your eyes to shine and your heart to beat.

And secondly they managed to access old cell memories associated with any previous trauma and shut down which, had been the emotional root cause of the physical disease. And the fact that these people had healed naturally from very serious diseases proved to me that the human body was capable of such radical healing… and that meant it was possible for my body to heal in that way too. 

Do you know how to support your body naturally in this healing process?

Healing yourself with the Journey Method

With the Journey you can access your repressed cell memories and release your stored pain and traumas. The Journey Method is not predicated on belief or faith, it is based on the direct experience that is open to anyone willing to stop, be still and explore a truth deeper than their critical or analytical mind-talk.

If you are willing to simply stop your story of pain or suffering, surrender to the truth of what you are actually feeling and experiencing, and open into the infinite potential that you already are then no matter what your beliefs cellular healing is possible.

What we truly are is untouched by the limiting beliefs, rules, labels or ideas life imposes upon us. These things are simply our conditioning, and have nothing to do with the deeper truth of our limitless potential.

The Journey is a method of introspective healing, which recognizes that our old, deep-seated, unaddressed emotional issues are the real root cause of many of our illnesses, unhealthy behaviours and conditions. And that our bodies have a phenomenal self-healing capacity, which, with the right tools we can all fully tap into.

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