Enneagram Masterclass

Discover some of the extraordinary secrets the Enneagram has to reveal about the veils of the ego, the impossible binds we create and the effects of our core instinctual drives on every aspect of our lives. And find out how to clear them.

Prerequisite: No Ego

Discover some of the extraordinary secrets the Enneagram has to reveal about the veils of the ego

the impossible binds we create and the effects of our core instinctual drives on every aspect of our lives. This retreat also shows you how to clear them. It also includes many unique ego-fixation realizations that are not available elsewhere.

A 8-day retreat with Kevin Billett

Experience profound liberation

Following on from the No Ego retreat, this Masterclass reveals some of the deepest secrets of the Enneagram. These include our blended experience of fixation, the dynamics of our struggle to survive, our friction binds, impossible binds and the effects of our core instinctual needs and drives. It also contains many deep insights unique to The Journey, and is an intense week of essential transformation and discovery of truth and divine potential.

The material covered will often not be found in textbooks. It’s not an intellectual or analytical time, but a time of authentic exploration, of realizing via our own direct experience the true nature of the Self. It’s a time to surrender to the essence of what the Enneagram has to reveal to us all.

The mysteries and hidden truths of the Enneagram
help facilitate liberation, transformation and healing

Extraordinary secrets revealed

For some 20 years, Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in the profound teachings of the Enneagram as a tool for awakening, healing and liberation. Over those years we’ve had the unique privilege of learning organically. Our direct experience of working at the deepest level with course participants and clients has led to the discovery of some extraordinary secrets the Enneagram model has to reveal about the veils of the ego. We now know how best to focus our direct enquiries and process work to realize freedom and unlock the body’s extraordinary, innate healing capabilities.

During this retreat we’ll also turn awareness inside, uncover, expose and burn through our own deepest issues. We’ll clear our own limitations and ego distortions, and find the clarity and peace of true choice. This way we can directly experience profound liberation and best serve others in their own awakening and healing.

At the Enneagram Masterclass you will:

  • Realize the vital importance of core avoidances, needs and traps
  • Understand the dynamics of blends and lines of movement – how they present, what they can reveal, and how to work with them
  • The deep influence of Self-Preservation, Social and Sexual instincts on fixation
  • The Enneapoints’ specific communication styles and what they reveal
  • The limitations of the model and when to let go of it

What graduates of the Enneagram Masterclass say:

This week has been the answer to my life

This week has been the answer to my life...the answer to the angst, the terror, the hiding – the things that were still plaguing me after so many years of journey work. I get it. I now get it. I just bow over and over to the depth of inquiry that Kevin brings in this retreat. Everyday brought crashing realizations and just got better and better.

Janet McGeever

The processes are worth their weight in gold!

The processes are worth their weight in gold! EMC is Prac Week, No Ego, Fire of Freedom retreat & India all rolled up into one magnificent week of deepest clearing. No resting, with no mind, no body, no emotions, fully open, simply resting in Bliss! Deepest thanks to you, Kevin and the wonderful support team.

Heather Bergbauer

I welcome the fullness of life

A heartfelt gratitude is here for the gift of this work that allows my internal struggle to melt away allowing full participation and more. I welcome the fullness of life. I feel still, peaceful and free to follow my dreams. I am committed to showing up and leading from an open heartedness. Thank you

Deryl Rollinson

Dancing emptiness

Emptiness, dancing emptiness – this is my gift of this week. The blessing of opening into this, falling off the cliff into nothing and everything – ending games, patterns, lies, beliefs attached to the 8ish flavor kept showing up … to find this Freedom and the Truth that I am none of these. Just emptiness, dancing unbounded through life. Deepest Namaste for the blessing of this opportunity. Thank you Kevin.

Kathryn Argyle

What remains is a peaceful and tranquil place

By seeing through the lies that set up many games in life that lead to the constant battle, fight and internal and external explosions and burning through them, what remains is a peaceful and tranquil place. Here is this BEING.

In all love and gratitude. Namaste.

Mark Gallo

It really feels great to become a better man!

What took place during those 11 profound days of processing could not have been foreseen by me. The rawness, pain and beauty of that experience changed my Being at such a fundamental level that I feel completely "re-booted"! To experience the power of life to its fullest potential, to feel these energies flooding through my body and to become one with all of that, is indescribable.

The moment I try to put words to, it immediately changes its essence into something so freaking meaningless whilst pointing to the hilarious notion of the "ME-illusion".

I continue to experience deeply profound changes at the core of my Being. I am more focussed, more precise, sharper, and more powerful in my communication skills with others and myself. At the same time I continue to experience some huge vast inner peace and I get a strong sense that all that takes place on the surface of life comes from this inner stillness. I cry often when I’m on my own - very often! I cry because of the crushing beauty that life is. I cry because I had no idea that this is "Life". I had no idea that it could feel this beautiful.

I have noticed that I am a kinder and more caring person now. I am also able to say a clear NO when necessary. It feels like love, and no matter how many times I have witnessed it before, is more multi-dimensional these days.

I am much more available for my clients when I work with them as the processes have really deepened! I started to implement many more new team focussed activities and initiatives within my company so that it now feels more balanced and better structured.

There are huge changes in my relationships with my kids. I experience a vast freedom and a deep connection at the same time. Previous to the Enneagram Masterclass seminar I had not felt or realized this before.

I sleep less and I’m OK with that. My body is becoming even healthier, stronger and more beautiful. I am very active these days and it feels like there is a healing process going on and that something is taking care of my cells.

The embrace and the space for living is enormous. Life is more joyful and peacefully silent than ever before. This makes me realize what a lucky guy I am, what a lucky life I lead and what a heavenly opportunity it is to be experiencing life as a human being. And it’s all such a mystery! Tears are here for the overwhelming feelings of love I have for life, for my beloveds, for people and for myself.

It really feels great to become a better man! I have endless gratitude to the Journey family and to the Journey work for teaching me to live life in these ways !

Michal Andrejco