Journey Practitioner Mastery

Ideal for maintaining your ‘Recommended Status’ as a Journey Practitioner, this course brings you up to date with current teachings, methods and insights. Experience the elegant teachings from the inside out and gain true mastery as a Practitioner.

Prerequisite: Journey Practitioner Programme

An easily accessible way to maintain your ‘Recommended Status’ as a Journey Practitioner

The course brings you up to date with current teachings, methods and insights about using The Journey in your practice.

A 3½-day retreat with Brandon Bays
Level II – Journey Practitioner Programme

Open freshly into the latest teachings

Brandon starts this retreat where Life Transformation left off. You’ll open freshly into the latest teachings and innovative process work as you soak in the sublime energy of Satsang. As you experience the most elegant teachings from the inside out you gain true mastery as a Practitioner. It’s an ideal way to maintain your ‘Recommended Status’ as a Journey Practitioner.

Work effortlessly, creatively and freely
with one another in a warm embrace

Only available once a year in Europe and once every two years in Australia and the USA

The depth and teachings are so profound you may want to participate, regardless of whether your status requires you to do so. It’s the heartfelt wish of The Journey to enable you to receive recommendations from our office, be able to advertise on The Journey website, and most importantly that you’re familiar and in tune with the latest teachings.

It’s a truly joyous retreat that will help liberate your practice even more.

At Journey Practitioner Mastery you will

  • Update your recommended status and deepen in your practice
  • Begin using the most recent, effective, innovative process work
  • Gain the latest insights and techniques from Freedom from the Ego and experience their power personally, so you can better assist others
  • Clear your own unrecognized issues during precious one to one time with Brandon in Satsang as she works masterfully with your deepest core issues – and facilitate others from a mind-free place

What our Journey Practitioners say

One of the most significant Journey Events I’ve ever attended

“I consider this event, along with No Ego week, the most significant Journey Event I’ve ever attended. There was an ease and a looseness in the three days that I’d not felt in any seminar previously. It felt as if the consciousness of The Journey had shifted. We took time to look at new ways of processing and opened into the possibility of processing in consciousness, ending games of life times. This was profound. Attending this seminar allowed me to experience the Journey in full flight and my own processes reflected that. In fact, at one point, I thought I might take flight.

Finally, to sit in such an intimate way with my beloved teacher, in a sacred space for three whole days, was just the BEST thing ever.”

Paul, Australia

The Journey Practitioner Mastery course was fabulous

“I learned to be far more organic in the process; going in unexpected directions suggested by the process itself. This way, drawing on a smorgasbord of tools with grace, and without a script, yielded unexpected and, what I experienced as, exquisitely effective processing. I found myself becoming more confident each day. It has changed my approach to The Journey such that a ‘designer’ process has become ‘cutting-edge designer’. Thanks to Janaki for a beautiful Mastery course – I loved every minute of it.”

Suzanne, Australia

The Journey Practitioner Masterclass was just that

“We were all experienced Journey Practitioners, had licence to play and become creative with our tools. Brandon incorporated many mini processes that have started to be used recently and put them together in a way that magnified their benefits. I found real closure with some persistent issues and came to a peace that had only been momentary before.”

Becca Wilkins, JP Australia