Bodhi Brouillette

Bodhi Ji, formerly known as Bruce Brouillette, become a lover of truth in September of 2006 after attending his first Journey Intensive. From that first Journey Intensive workshop the door to Freedom was cracked open and the winds of change blew through, starting the process of letting go of a lifetime of depression, drug & alcohol addictions, childhood abuse and a disempowering belief system that kept him in bondage. From that moment on, Bodhi’s desire to know his truest self arose and the Journey began.

Completing the Journey Practitioners Program in just under a years’ time, Bodhi became an accredited Journey Practitioner and soon was hired on by The Journey North America team as Logistics Manager. Bodhi attended all advanced retreats in the US, including and completing the Visionary Leadership Coaching Program, and over 50 Journey Intensives within the first 3 years.

In February of 2017 Bodhi ventured into another world of awakening, attending the Advanced No-Ego retreat in India, The Journey Practitioner Business Training in Slovakia, and The Practitioner’s Freedom from Depression Workshop in Wales, culminating in sparking an even deeper clearing of beliefs, vows, and ingrained strategies that rocketed him into a new level of existence.

Bodhi, along with his wife and business partner, Co-Authored Living the Journey with Brandon Bays, setting in motion the desire and vision to share this method of awakening, starting in the United States, as a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach, Accredited Journey Practitioner, and Authorized Journey Experience Presenter.

Bodhi welcomes anyone who has a desire to experience the freedom of who they already are, either in a group setting or one-on-one, with a certified Journey Practitioner.