I Could No Longer Feel the Lump in My Breast

Two days later after The Journey Intensive weekend, I could no longer feel my lump in my breast. My next mammogram confirmed it had gone… I feel the Journey saved my life.

Karen G., Daily Express Newspaper

First Nations

This Workshop Had Given Me the Energy and Skill to Keep Being an Elder

It has been the 2 best days of my life. I certainly worked on myself with The Journey. I feel like I can also continue the healing process on myself and others. I am an Elder and work with children. Sometimes they scare me because of their behavior. This workshop had given me the energy and skill to keep being an Elder to them. Thank you.

E.B., Saskatoon

From This Day On I Can Listen

Cree word for “I am thankful” Ki-na-nas-Kom-tin! From this day on I can listen quietly to the grass, to the trees, to the air that gently breezes all around me, even right through me and will send some of this wonderful energy to others.

D.W., Saskatoon

If Everyone Did This Work Here on Earth, We Would Have World Peace

Thank you for doing The Journey with us. If everyone did this work here on earth, we would have world peace. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

W.B., Saskatoon

It Allowed Me To Deal With Painful Past Issues that I Have Denied and Pretended Like I Didn’t Have

I am so grateful and blessed to have come into this. I will definitely tell my friends and family. It allowed me to deal with painful past issues that I have denied and pretended like I didn’t have. The Journey is truly a blessing!

L.F., Saskatoon

I’ve Made One of the Biggest Shifts of Any Workshop that I Have Ever Attended

This Journey workshop has been phenomenal! The training has allowed me to feel confident enough to face any challenge both for myself and for others. These are truly amazing gifts. The possibilities are unimaginable to what can be accomplished with our community here for healing. I’ve made one of the biggest shifts of any workshop that I have ever attended! I feel like I have felt the power of the process and I am truly grateful and literally feel my cells regenerating. Powerful!

D.F., Saskatoon

I Carried This Large Burden On My Shoulders for Over 50 Years

Thank you for showing me how to take this large burden off my shoulders that I carried around for over 50 years! This work is filled with wisdom love and compassion.

H.D., Lestock, SK

This Has Been a Return to My Soul

A life giving process filled with truth, respect and sacredness. I continue to grow in Source, Spirit, Singing, Dancing, and celebrating and embracing life’s challenges. This has been a return to my soul.

K.T., Saskatoon, SK

I Have Changed and My Family Has Changed

A life changing and life giving awesome weekend. Spiritual cleansing at the highest level. I am so grateful to source for guiding this our way. I have changed. My family has changed. I feel stronger each time I go through this experience. I feel completely embraced. A-Ho.

A.T., Cut Knife, SK

I Worked Through an Issue that I Have Held a Secret for a Long Time.

I worked through an issue that I have held a secret for a LONG time. Now I have freedom and my source became more powerful. Today I was able to heal the hole that I have held in my heart from my childhood. Thank you, thank you.

I.T., Saskatoon

I Have Returned to My Original Purpose in Life With All the Love, Knowledge and Joy

I am eternally grateful. I have returned to my original purpose in life with all the love, knowledge and joy that I brought into it. Thank you for being there for me and giving me the tools to find my way back home – to me!

J.B., Hay River, NT

It’s a Beautiful Process and I Loved Every Minute of It

This has been the most awesome workshop I have ever been too. It is so dramatic in the results, it’s mind-boggling. I love that it is so easy and not complicated. It’s a beautiful process and I loved every minute of it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

W.M., Devon, AB

In a Word…”Cho” in Describing How I Feel, from Head to Toe

In a word… “Cho” in describing how I feel, from head to toe. Awesome! Thank you for the bottom of my heart, the inside, outside and top of it!

D.R., Saskatoon, SK

I Am Surprised at What Emotional and Physical Pain Erupted

I am surprised at what emotional and physical pain erupted. I feel like I have gone through a major physical surgery. Every morning it took me 45 minutes to be able to work with out pain after being horizontal. What issue would be uncovered coming to The Journey? What clarity and surprise I got. In the two hours since I completed the physical journey, I already am feeling stronger with no pain. Thank you Creator and bless these Dear Ones and their kind hearts. I love you.

W.S., Regina, SK

People Are Telling Me How Great I Look!

It is so inspiring to be part of this process, everyday now its a bit hard for me to contain myself because of the energy coming from me. I think that it is a little startling to some. And they say that its so much fun being around me and THEY feel happy. I already have a couple people sold on it because people are telling me – how great I look! It’s as if they are enhanced by the magnetic feeling I have inside. I want to hug someone and so I do. I want to honestly and truthfully greet someone and so I do – it’s like I want to touch their soul and I do!! I don’t know how to explain this to someone… The experience has no words. I want to thank everyone at The Journey from the bottom of my heart – for getting my soul back in gear!

Violet Naytowhow, Saskatoon, SK

It Helped Me Let Go of My Past Aggressiveness

The Journey gave me a new look at life and the potential there is out there. It got me in touch with myself and helped me let go of my past aggressiveness therefore making me a new man. I am 19 and I feel twice my age in knowledge and I’m going to be a leader for my people. I now feel like nothing is holding me back and I can accomplish anything because I am in touch with everything. Thank you

Arrol Benard, Edmonton, AB

It’s the Closest Thing to an Instant Healing Package

If there was an instant social healing package out there we would be the first to grab it. The Journey Intensive has got to be the healing for us. It’s the closest thing to an instant healing package.

Mark Nui, Natuashish Labrador, Canada

This Very Safe and Respectful Process Has Only Complemented All that We Do Naturally in Our Life

We came across Journey work just prior to my husband Arsene going through his stem cell transplant in dealing with Leukemia. In doing the Journey Processes as well as other healing approaches Arsene found his recovery both quick and challenging. In addition to our spiritual life the journey work provided him with a concrete tool to clear out the emotional issues that were lodged in his cell memory particularly in his bone marrow.

The work has been so rewarding and helpful for all of us including our children. This very safe and respectful process has only complimented all that we do naturally in our life. The commitment and care has been there for him to dive into the process work and continue using it as a natural process for personal healing and wellness.

Kimberly Tootoosis, Growth Teacher – Poundmaker Reserve, SK